Photographic printing and framing $10 - $100
Rebuilding, major damage removal - tears, spotting and other age signs, stains etc. Adding more than one colour to an image. Removal of complex colour stains and damage. Complex removals from and insertion of items into images.
Medium restoration $25 - $50
For example removal of passport stamp, removal of a person, partial background repair, smaller limited scratch repair, foxing, image enlargement. Simple colouration (one colour).
Heavy restoration $50 - $200+

Services and Fees

DVDs $5 for a 4.7G Disk
USB dependent on size
Scanning from $1.20 per image for 35mm slides and negatives.
Photos and larger negatives from $2 Glass plate negatives from $5
High resolution scanning. Includes automated image enhancements where applicable (e.g. digital ICE, ROC).
Ask about our smart scan service that enables you to assess, sort and identify and index large amounts of negatives.

For price estimates the following information is needed:
Note: Jo can assist you to answer these questions

How soon you would like the work done?

We offer a range of scanning resolutions. The appropriate resolution depends on whether you intend eventually printing the image, the amount of damage the image has and the quality of the original image.
Photo resolutions : these are customised to the task. 600 dpi minimum or higher where there is extensive damge or enlargement is required.
Slide and negative scan resolutions: 1350, 2700, 3200 or 5400 dpi
As certain automated scanning procedures (e.g. digital ICE) cannot be used on some film types it is useful to know what the film brand is for slides and negatives.

For restoration of photos, slides and negatives and to help us determine whether a light, medium or heavy restoration is required, please describe what work is required:

Digital formats
Specify the digital format required: TIFF (lossless), jpeg, png, pdf, bitmap. (We recommend an unalterd copy of the original image is made in TIFF format and restored copy in jpeg format for easier handling).
Specify whether you would like finished images on a DVD data disk, on a memory stick or securely sent to you via our website uploader.

Return of items
How you would like the item or digital image returned to you - by delivery, courier, collection or via a login to the uploader on our website
The size of print required. For photos whether a matt or glossy finish is required.
We offer high resolution photographic printing at 2880 and 1440 dpi using our Professional Epsom Pro 3800 printer with Epsom K3 archival inks. We can print photos ranging in size from the traditional 6 x 4 in (10 x 15 cm) through to A2 size (43 x 55.8 cm). Please contact us for your printing needs as prices depend on the size and paper chosen. For example an A4 print starts at $10, A3 $20. We can frame your images to protect them using archival matt board. A single matt board, and archive backing sheet for an A4 photo or artwork is usually under $20. Framing prices are dependent on image size and design of the frame. Frames for A4 artworks start at around $20 - $30 upwards. We can also frame images in frames you supply; just let us know your requirements. This usually costs around $50 plus materials. We can arrange
for custom frames to be made.
Service Options
Prices for restoration and scanning depend on the complexity of the task. We have an number of specilaised scanners to scan 35mm slides, phootgraphic prints and negatives of all sizes (including glass plate negatives) Images can be enhanced in the scanning process or tied up briefly in photoshop. We will accept scans of your images for restoration via our file uploader. We recommend you contact us first so we can help you judge the best resolution to scan your image and scan method.

Postage, courier, delivery and pick up charges are based on your location and size of the item,

Photo prices are dependent on the size of the print and paper chosen. All printed photos are printed using our high resolution Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer wih K3 archival inks producing high quality long lasting prints. Framing prices are based on materials chosen.

The following prices are guidelines, specific quotes will be given following initial inspection of your slides, photos and scans.
Video copying $40 for this first hour and $10 for each subsquent half hour.